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Grill Caddy



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The Grill Caddy was created for serious Grillers & Cooks who want to take their food prep and serving to the next level. 

The Grill Caddy fits all standard size aluminum foil and parchment paper rolls.  The patented "zero spill" seamless barrier is a game changer, keeping rubs, marinades/juices and raw surfaces under control.  Once you've made your mess, simply tear away the foil and pull out another sheet. Load up the Grill Caddy with cooked food as it comes hot off the grill. After serving, simply crumple up the foil and stow your Grill Caddy without washing.  The Grill Caddy allows you to prep and carry raw and cooked foods on one tray, preventing contamination and excess dishes to wash. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Fits all Foil and Parchment
  • Creates Patented 'Zero Spill' Seamless Barrier
  • Safely handle Raw & Cooked foods on 1 tray
  • Stays Clean. Eliminates Dishes. 
  • Reduces back & forth trips to the kitchen
  • Also fits your condiments perfectly
  • Heat Resistant, BPA Free


The Grill Caddy is intended for food preparation, transport and serving only. Do not cook on the tray. Avoid contact with heated surfaces.  Hand wash only.

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