The Ultimate Prep Deck for Serious Grillers

  • Stays Clean

    The Grill Caddy has a built-in foil dispenser that allows you to easily rip and replace your mess with a clean sheet. The tray never actually touches food, juices, rubs or marinades, so no washing is ever required.

  • Keeps Raw & Cooked Food Separate

    Grilling and cooking involves carefully handling raw foods and multple trays... until now. Now you can prepare and deliver raw food on the same tray you serve it on. Genius!

  • Saves Time

    Make less trips back and forth between the kitchen and grill. Prep and serve on the same tray. Spend no time washing dishes. Cleanup is as easy as crumpling up a piece of foil. Enjoy more time with family and friends.

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The Grill Caddy in Action

Fits your

Foil (and Parchment)

The Grill Caddy fits all standard aluminum foil and parchment paper rolls, utilizing their built in cutting blades. Creates a patented seamless barrier to keep juices, rubs and raw surfaces under control.

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Sturdy Design

The patented Grill Caddy is ultra lightweight, food safe, BPA Free and Heat Resistant. It's also dishwasher safe, but you won't need that. The foil holder doubles as a perfect condiment carrier.

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Crumple up

Your Dirty Dishes

The Grill Caddy elegantly and safely handles raw meat and fish with ease. Now, you can use the same tray for prepping raw food and serving it hot off the grill! Simply crumple up the foil when you're done. It's that easy.

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